What Makes an Entrepreneur Successful?

“We’ve found data affirming that when entrepreneurs understand their thoughts, feelings, and biases, it is useful in managing stress — and this is a skill that can be taught. In fact, 93% of M.I.T. …entrepreneurs believe self-awareness practices can help them create more successful businesses.”

Great insights here from Thrive Global. What makes an entrepreneur successful? If you’re a fund or investor, chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time – and money – trying to answer that question.

At Kadence Group, we believe that entrepreneurs are whole people. To succeed professionally, personal growth is a must.

For us, the formula is simply: Prioritizing wellbeing -> entrepreneurial success.

As founders grow personally, they build up all kinds of tools they’ll need in order to truly thrive as business owners. We’ve seen the success stories. We know first hand the difference that wellbeing makes in a founder’s growth trajectory.

Ready to partner with Kadence group so your portfolio founders can build without burnout? Contact our team today!


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