The Legacy of Entrepreneurship

Are entrepreneurs losing their way?

We posted this question for conversation in our Kadence Group private community of founders today to see what they think.

You will have noticed much discussion about well-known entrepreneurs and founders currently.

Names re-hitting the headlines…
Elon Musk (Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX +)
Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX)
Mark Zuckerberg (Meta)
Travis Kalanick (Uber)
Adam Neumann (WeWork)
Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos)

Their legacy
What stands out is not so much the disruption, innovation, or positive impact they have had on their business, people or industry. Instead, the legacy being created seems to be one of human pain, suffering and destruction to the lives of others, as well as the impact on local, national and global economies.

Reflection moments
– How do you build your business to ensure you don’t end up creating a legacy of destruction?
– What lessons can you take from these well-known stories?
– What and who do you plug in to, to regularly ensure you don’t fall pray to some of the perceived well-being leadership shortcomings?
– How do you discern healthy leadership for yourself and your business with the noise of reporting going on about founders and entrepreneurs?

Bill George shares a poignant and reflective thought; “George says bosses that lose sight of their most deeply held beliefs, values and purpose as a leader — especially in the name of money, fame or power — are doomed to fail.”


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