The Case for Authentic Confidence


It’s something many of us struggle cultivating in our lives – personally and professionally.

So often, we see it done poorly. Overconfidence can be a barrier to connection, preventing people from living authentically. But Jacqui Brassey, PhD, MAfN from McKinsey & Company paints a great picture in in the piece linked here of what she calls ‘authentic confidence:’

“It means you can face challenges because you know you have the skills to handle them. You are clear-eyed about your weaknesses and accept them; you know your purpose in life which guides your personal growth…You are also comfortable with the uncertainty of meeting new situations”

What does this mean for you?

Confidence isn’t out of reach. We can see our weak spots, be honest about where we’re growing, and confront uncertainty all while still knowing who we are.

Be authentic. Be confident. You don’t have to choose!


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