Program Coaches

Providing entrepreneurs with impactful wellbeing programming wouldn’t be possible without the partnership with our coaches.

At the beginning of Kadence Core, coaches are paired with an entrepreneur. Each coach will meet with their entrepreneur individually for a total of 4 sessions during the 10-week wellbeing program.

When Kadence Core completes, entrepreneurs and their coaches will be invited to join Kadence Connect to continue working together regularly, building upon the foundation of their initial conversations.


Personalized coaching is recommended for an additional 12 months with many entrepreneurs choosing to engage in long term relationships with their coach as their personal and business challenges evolve.

Kadence Coaches Are..


Experienced in working with a variety of emotional, mental and behavioral wellbeing topics

Understanding of entrepreneur’s unique business and personal challenges
Engaging and collaborative team players
Skilled in developing active plans for achieving wellbeing goals

Demonstrators of a positive attitude and growth mindset


Comfortable working with entrepreneurs to navigate moments of intense emotion

Aligned to Kadence core values and wellbeing methodology
Experienced in working with high performance individuals and organizations.

For Investors

As an investor, you have strong conviction around the early stage entrepreneurs you’ve chosen to partner with. But that does not mean your investment is without risk. Top-tier performance requires identifying the most high potential founders and even more importantly, actively helping to increase their odds of success.

But there’s a problem –

A systemic issue is plaguing businesses from the earliest venture investment to growth stage private equity; the neglect of an entrepreneur’s wellbeing. There is a crisis of health occurring in entrepreneurship. When a ‘capital first’ approach is implemented to drive startup growth, stress, burnout, identity loss, and isolation take center stage in the entrepreneur’s business and personal lives. The subsequent impacts on your investment are innumerable and can often be catastrophic. You lose, the entrepreneur loses, and the investment value plummets.

This is the world we live in. Entrepreneurship is challenging and fraught with risk.

Imagine if reality was different.

This year, of the startups that fail, 66% will be attributed to people-centric and preventable challenges.

Imagine what your portfolio could look like if those companies destined for failure because of these issues had the right resources to address the problem?

What if you could transform the risk profile of your investments? What if you could actually see the benefit from a portfolio filled with empowered and grounded entrepreneurs ready to build the next great company?

At Kadence Group, we want to bring that possibility to life. We’re ready to work. Are you?

At Kadence Group, we’re disrupting the status-quo and showing that start-up success must also include the entrepreneur’s wellbeing if growth is to be achieved and sustained. We want to partner with you to give entrepreneurs, their businesses – and your investment – a greater chance of success.

How We Help

The Kadence Group Wellbeing program is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the resources they need to pursue wellbeing and business growth.

In short, we enable entrepreneurs to build without burnout.

Instead of succumbing to the pressures of start-up leadership, we provide entrepreneurs with tactical strategies to reject the status quo of toxicity and unsustainability. Our program will ignite their pursuit of wellbeing equipping them with new, healthy rhythms to fuel their personal and professional growth.

We’re confident that wellbeing is critical to your portfolio company founders and directly tied to the sustainability of your investment. If you are too, please contact our team for information on how to engage your founders in preparation for our next Kadence Core cohort.