Join Kadence Core, designed exclusively for early-stage entrepreneurs, and experience cohort-based learning to equip you with powerful insight into the holistic impact of wellbeing on your mind, body and spirit.

Through expert-led group learning, individual coaching, and post-program community connections with fellow entrepreneurs, you will discover how to build without burnout.


Personal Assessments

As a part of our program, you will have access to scientific assessments to uncover more about your entrepreneurial personality and leadership styles. These assessment results will equip you with powerful insights as you build and grow your business.


Group Sessions

As part of Kadence Core, you will be invited to join a small cohort of entrepreneurs for participation in four remote learning sessions facilitated by our world renowned wellbeing expert. Together you will learn about the critical role that wellbeing plays in enabling your personal and professional growth.


Each cohort explores areas of:

  • Sleep Optimization
  • Identity
  • Stress
  • Values
  • Anxiety
  • Beliefs
  • Burnout
  • Success
  • Emotional Power
  • Communication
  • Work-Life Balance

Along the way, our wellbeing expert will help you discover how these elements of wellbeing change, enhance, or detract from your start-up’s trajectory.

Each session is designed to be interactive allowing participants time to learn the science, explore new topics, ask questions, and share the experience with their fellow cohort entrepreneurs. At Kadence Group, we invite entrepreneurs to live and learn in community.


Personalized Coaching

Our team will strategically partner you with an individual coach sourced from our carefully curated list.

The week following each group session, you will meet remotely with your individual coach to dive deeper beneath the surface and explore topics and growth areas specific to your needs. The coach will work with you to develop personalized goals, create a structured support system, and develop a clear action plan to fuel your own unique wellbeing journey.

After completing Kadence Core, you will be invited to continue meeting regularly with your coach and join Kadence Connect to build on the foundation of those initial conversations. Personalized coaching is recommended for a full 12 months following our program to support increased levels of self-awareness, relational health, and leadership growth. As personal and business challenges evolve, many entrepreneurs will choose longer term multi-year relationships with their coach to receive ongoing investment in their wellbeing.


Kadence Community

At Kadence Group, we believe that people are better together – and that includes each of our entrepreneurs. In a world of increased isolation and competition, we aim to foster collaboration and reduce the severe isolation and loneliness that 73% of entrepreneurs face in daily life.


Kadence Community is an opportunity for program alumni to re-balance regularly and cultivate meaningful relationships with fellow early-stage entrepreneurs able to share in similar experiences.

Ready to establish new wellbeing rhythms and jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey?