Addressing the Challenges of Entrepreneurship: Kadence Core

Entrepreneurship is challenging.

If you’re a founder or entrepreneur of an early-stage business, you know this full well. Balancing ever increasing customer demands, team needs, and investor interests is your everyday reality. Stress, pressure, and relational tension maybe feel like the norm to you.

At Kadence Group, we understand these challenges – and our Chief Wellbeing Officer and team of expert coaches are here to help. The Kadence Core program is specifically designed to provide you with the tools you need to manage stress, improve emotional health, as well as strengthen your business and personal relationships. A combo of group and individual coaching sessions provides our entrepreneurs with the community of support they need to flourish.

We have just a couple of spots left for applicants interested in taking part in our June cohort; this is the final call! Visit our website to apply today. We’d love to have you join us!


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