Are you risking your start-up by sacrificing your wellbeing?

66% of start-ups will be destroyed from the inside out not by deficient products or insufficient capital, but by people-centric challenges.* Broken team dynamics, bad relationships, and burnout are preventing entrepreneurs from realizing their full business and leadership potential. The impact of this often looks like founders, investors, and key partners walking away from business ventures with empty hands.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Entrepreneurs aren’t just struggling professionally. They’re struggling personally as challenges at work close the door for rest, rejuvenation, and restorative relationships. It’s a broken ecosystem that breeds unhealth at every turn.

Facts and Figures*

million entrepreneurs in the U.S

in 10 startup founders face business failure


of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health issues


of business owners report feeling lonely


of business owners report burnout

These numbers are indicative of an epidemic. Even still, we have so much hope for healing.

Who We Are

We believe that businesses are not simply the sum of their greatest products or services. They’re the sum of their greatest asset: people.

To grow a healthy business, you have to start with healthy people.

That’s why Kadence Group is on a mission to enhance the wellbeing of entrepreneurs through cohort-based learning, world-class coaching, and alumni community support.

Our vision is to establish wellbeing as the cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. We are convinced that founders who invest in their own wellbeing ultimately invest in that of their businesses, families, and communities. It’s an ecosystem that starts and ends with healthy leaders sowing healthy seeds that flourish and grow into meaningful business–and personal–outcomes.

Entrepreneurs working together

What We Value

Everything we do at Kadence Group ties to what we care most about: Wholeness. We holistically address entrepreneur’s needs by considering them as whole people – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Through this integrated approach, we contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs as individuals and, by extension, their communities as well. The whole is made greater by the strengthening of its most integral parts.


Empowering people to create healthy rhythms in active care of their bodies, minds, and souls.

Holistic Stewardship

Stewarding business health and vitality in tandem with entrepreneurial wellbeing.


Championing hope in all circumstances because the status quo never has the final say.

Life in Community

Cultivating meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs, coaches, and funds so that we can be better together.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Building new partnerships, connections, and healthy habits from the ground up.

What We Do

We provide entrepreneurs with new rhythms of wellbeing in life and leadership for their businesses.

Our thoughtfully designed programming empowers entrepreneurs to reach new levels of rootedness and entrepreneurial growth.

For more detailed information on our program offerings, visit our Entrepreneurs page.

Kadence Core, our regularly offered wellbeing program for entrepreneurs includes:


Personal assessments evaluated by our team to ensure a personalized experience


Four weeks of cohort-based learning led by a world renowned wellbeing specialist

Four weeks of individual coaching sessions with one of our expert coaches

Continued individual coaching sessions, through Kadence Connect, after the main program completes


Ongoing engagement and support from fellow entrepreneurs through Kadence Community, a gathering of past program alumni

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