A Season of Gratitude

The holiday festivities have begun.

For some it means celebration, for others heartache and pain. No matter what our circumstances there is the possibility of saying thank you. The smallest whisper of thank you can have giant and miraculous positive impacts.

Regardless of how you marked Thanksgiving last week, or how you intend to move forward this month, use last week to reflect, what did you say thank you for? If you didn’t have that opportunity, pause for a moment now and say thank you… speak it out-loud, write it down, and better still, say thank you to someone.

Say thank you today in a way that your future self will be grateful. You’ll carry that forward and you never know, your December experience might just be a little brighter.

Ideas to begin expressing thanks:
– Thank the people you love
– Thank the communities you cherish
– Thank the colleagues you spend a lot of virtual or in-person time with

Gratitude is medicine. Don’t let the day pass by without sharing some with the most important people in your life!


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